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We at Linjemontage plan our often complex work with the utmost care. We guarantee that we will be able to quality assure all steps in the execution

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We at Linjemontage plan our often complex work with the utmost care. We guarantee that we will be able to quality assure all steps in the execution.

Area Manager

Håkan Johansson
Tel: 070-281 14 60

TRANSMISSION & LOCAL NETWORK[ps2id id=’transmission’ target=”/]

The business area comprises the construction of pipeline networks for mainly network owners in the Nordic region. Our customers are often large electricity companies with large distribution facilities.

We supply distribution facilities, overhead lines, cable networks and stations as well as power lines up to 400 kV. Transmission usually involves amplifications / new construction of overhead lines in the voltage range of 36 kV-400 kV. At the voltage level of 36 kV – 220 kV, we also perform cable routing including joints and terminations. Regarding the Local Network part, we mainly build cable networks within the voltage range 0.4 – 11 kV which replace existing end-of-life airline networks.

Upon request, we undertake total execution or execution contract to varying degrees. In a total design, we take care of everything from landowner contacts and construction to turnkey facilities. For our total commitments we use our own or hired consultants for design and preparation.

We strive to maintain a high level in our projects, both in terms of quality, environment and work environment, and thereby create a confidence in our clients who want to see us as a first choice.

Area Manager

Lars Pettersson
Tel: 070-254 98 00

SUBSTATIONS[ps2id id=’substations’ target=”/]

We build new and refurbish facilities based on customer needs.

Our mission is to supply reliable substations that meet current market demands. The goal is to be a cost-effective and reliable supplier that at the same time works with continuous improvements. Within the framework of all our assignments, we receive services such as planning, construction, project management and procurement of contracts and production.

Our work is a craft that requires training and experience, we are completely dependent on the competence and cooperation between all our staff if we are to succeed well in our business. That is why we are investing in ongoing competence training and sponsorship.


Anders Holgersson
Tel: 0702-44 55 44

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE[ps2id id=’service-and-maintenance’ target=”/]

Within the framework of our service operations, we offer our customers a complete solution that aims to minimize disruptions and to obtain as energy efficient a process as possible.

We mainly deliver our services to electricity grid companies and industrial customers. The size of the facilities is from smaller, low voltage customers up to larger high voltage customers and industrial groups.

The service business aims to build long-term relationships with our customers and offer them security agreements with preventive measurements, service and maintenance. The operations are staffed with competencies in project management, electrical quality, electrical engineering, testing / commissioning, programming, service technology and assembly.

Examples of services and products we deliver are:

– Periodic supervision and maintenance of low and high voltage installations
– Switchgear replacement
– Relay protection switches
– Remote control changes
– Transformer changes
– Assembly, revisions, gas filling and adjustment of switches 0.4-145 kV
– Closures / joints on high voltage cables up to 400 kV
– Sheath testing of cables up to 400 kV
– Thermography
– Measurement, design and testing of order systems
– Fixed and portable electrical quality measurement with associated analyzes and action proposals
– Sales and installation of compensating equipment such as capacitor batteries
– SCADA and energy monitoring systems
– Communication solutions and protocol conversions within PLC / RTU and remote control

Area Manager

Jan Johnsson
Phone: +46 (0)70-688 28 77

ASSEMBLY CONTRACTS[ps2id id=’assembly-contracts’ target=”/]

At Linjemontage, we have the possibility of using our own personnel to assemble on both local network / transmission networks and substations in the voltage levels 0.4-400kV

The business mainly consists of using our own projects with fitters, but we also carry out electrical installation for customers who wish to hire staff to carry out specific projects.

Our goal is to be the best choice for our clients and as a part of this, we continue to train ourselves. In order to secure our own but also the industry’s future recruitment needs, we have a cooperation with eg. upper secondary schools in Vänersborg and Lidköping and the polytechnic in Åsbro where we offer internships.

As an example of special competence, we have education and equipment to perform:

– Splicing and closing up to 400kV on several makes
– Adjustment, testing and gas filling of switches up to 145kV
– Measuring cable
– Sheath testing
– Lining
– AMS work

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Linjemontage has offices in several places in Sweden and an office in Norway.

Mailing Adress

Linjemontage AB
Box 134, 467 22 Grästorp


0514 – 587 30

Fax number

0514 – 519 71


Linjemontage AB
Kungsgatan 14
541 31 Skövde


Linjemontage AB
Flöjelbergsgatan 1C
431 35 Mölndal


Linjemontage AB
Järnvägsgatan 20
467 40 Grästorp


Linjemontage AB
Mailing adress: Glödgargränd 1
Visiting adress: Metallverksgatan 4
Delivery adress: Varmvalsvägen 3
721 30 Västerås


Linjemontage AB
Stubbengatan 2
703 44 Örebro


Linjemontage AB
Låsbomsgatan 12
589 41 Linköping


Linjemontage AB
Gräsdalsgatan 9
653 43 Karlstad


Linjemontage AB
Kullsgårdsvägen 20
312 34 Laholm


Linjemontage AB
Järnvägsgatan 2
871 45 Härnösand


Linjemontage AB
Storgatan 73
852 30 Sundsvall


Linjemontage AB
Ynglingavägen 1
177 57 Järfälla


444 32 Stenungsund

Norge / Norway

Linjemontage AS
Bjørnstadmyra 7
NO-1712 Grålum


Linjemontage AB
Ståthögavägen 48
602 23 Norrköping